New to Oak Gardens


We are so excited that you have decided to be a part of our family! For some, this is exciting and for others, this can nerve-wrecking. Wherever you are on the spectrum, just know, you are just fine the way you are. We will meet you exactly where you are and walk with you every step of your journey. You are not alone! Ready! Set! Let’s Go! 


Next Step Ministry

Be a loving partner with each new member as a bridge of support, and as they seek to understand the fullness of God's plan in their lives.

Youth Ministry

We are a group that discusses real stuff that we are experiencing in life, learn from our own and other’s mistakes, and explore our very own relationship with Christ.

Community Outreach

We are determined to be a family that not only serves the community but is a part of the community.

Prayer and Visitation

Visitation and prayer for the sick and shut-in.

About Oak Gardens

Oak Gardens History

Anchored in this authentic desire for truth and empowerment, our membership grew and its true mission began to manifest.

Oak Gardens Staff

With the diversity of gifts, backgrounds, and perspectives, we have and continue to learn how to be a team.