Garden Groups

Life was not meant to be lived out alone.

We are strong people individually, but we are unstoppable collectively. Garden Groups is a safe space for all of us to be ourselves, explore life together and be introduced to a Jesus that invites us to seat around the table like a family.  Join a group!

…with Grace

Tell the Story-knowing the story of the journey

Addiction Eviction

Let's replace our negative habits with positive habits. Let's get healed and made whole together.


Embark on a journey that will unveil your royal identity as a daughter of the King of the Universe.

Cooking with the Lord

We will share our favorite comfort recipes for the soul while cooking for the Lord.

Devotions for Later Years

Devotional lessons for season adults and for one's personal devotion. Living out our God-given purpose.

Girl, Breathe!

Let go and let God take control.

Leaping Forward

Supporting one another as we enter this season of life when our children are adults. Setting boundaries for them and ourselves.

Melting Pot

Married couples discover how God would have them come together as One.

Pursuit of Purpose

Explore the aspect of staying on the path while pursuing personal goals and ambitions.

Seasoned Saints

Dedicated to prayer and growing closer to God.

The Huddle

Discussing Jesus & Sports.

Vessels of Honor

To Educate, Equip, Encourage, Empower and Inspire those who truly desire to become vessels fit for the Master's use.

Warriors for Worriers

To see as many lives as possible, be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of their minds, so that they may prove what is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

We Be Book’N/ Dallas

Engage believers and learners in a healthy, open and free discussion through reading about spirituality and life's practices


Encourages believers to walk in truth no matter what, to love despite, and to be living epistles walking in the footsteps of Christ.

Your Story – God’s Grace

A grief group can be a helpful component to find wholeness again.