Garden Groups

Life was not meant to be lived out alone.

We are strong people individually, but we are unstoppable collectively. Garden Groups is a safe space for all of us to be ourselves, explore life together and be introduced to a Jesus that invites us to seat around the table like a family.  Join a group!


Creating a space for honest conversations about life, faith, and meaning.

GG - Devotion for Later Years

Devotions for Later Years

Tell the Story-knowing the story of the journey


Girl, Breathe!

As God’s people, we have to embrace the idea of sabbath margins, boundaries or a period of rest. Let go and let God take control.


My Health is My Wealth

Your body is God’s temple. Take care of it.



Explore the aspect of staying on the path while pursuing personal goals and ambitions.


Seasoned Saints

Prayer the energy that enables the Christian soldier to wear the armor and wield the sword. Pray always. Pray in the Spirit. Pray for all the saints.


The Huddle

Discussing Jesus & Sports. We will explore the Book of Ephesians from the pulpit messages. We will Transition to the week in the sports world.


The Price Is Right

Calling all shopaholics… If you are seeking a great deal. Join us as we share the love of Christ Jesus. Let’s dig deeper into the price that Jesus paid and the reason.


We Be Book’N

Engage believers and learners in a healthy, open and free discussion through reading about spirituality and life’s practices in a way that offers support, prayer, friendship.



Encourages believers to walk in truth no matter what, to love despite, and to be living epistles walking in the footsteps of Christ.


Your Story – God’s Grace

Grief is real because our memories are real. Grief group can be a helpful component to find wholeness again. We were never meant to do life alone.